A complete guide for selecting Glass partitions

So, you’ve made the decision to enhance your space with a glass partition. Choosing the right type of glass for your project can be a daunting task. Our team of experienced experts, boasting over two decades of knowledge, is here to assist you in crafting a space that suits your preferences.

Glass partitions

We’ve put together a straightforward guide outlining the various types of glass available and their applications, providing valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process.

Why do you need glass partition?

Glass partitions and walls offer an excellent way to optimize space by dividing a room while ensuring maximum light exposure, versatility, solutions for social distancing, and more. Particularly popular in office settings, these partitions are favored for their sleek appearance and modern design. If you’re an office owner considering the integration of glass partitions, explore the five advantages of incorporating glass walls into your workspace.

How to chose glass partition

If you’re on a budget but aiming for high-quality office space, our single glazed glass is an excellent choice. This cost-effective option provides sound protection up to 33dB, making loud conversations audible through the glass, while normal talking remains muted.

The sleek, contemporary glass comes in 10mm or 12mm thickness, offering a ‘frameless’ finish with clear, seamless joint systems. The toughened safety glass is set in slimline 25mm head, wall, and base aluminum perimeter tracks, available in various colors. For personalized touches like custom window films and logos, feel free to reach out.

Ideal for standard offices and non-confidential meeting rooms where privacy isn’t a primary concern, the single glazed glass partitions offer a sophisticated solution to divide your workspace while staying within budget.

Double Glazed Glass Partitioning:

Stepping up in acoustic qualities, double glazed glass partitions, though slightly pricier, justify their cost. With double the materials, these partitions provide enhanced sound insulation, offering protection up to 44dB. Normal conversations become nearly inaudible, and louder discussions are unlikely to be overheard. Combining double glazed partitions with a sound-absorbing suspended ceiling further enhances soundproofing.

glass partition

Maintaining the ‘frameless’ finish and laminated acoustic glass, double glazed partitions also offer the unique feature of integrated blinds between glass sheets. This ensures your space retains its high-class, minimalist design with low-maintenance blinds resilient enough for the office environment.

Due to superior soundproofing, double glazed partitions are perfect for offices, private meeting areas, and board rooms, providing an optimal blend of style and functionality

Acoustic Glass Partitioning:

For complete noise protection, our premium acoustic glass partitions are the ideal solution. By incorporating an acoustic PVB membrane, these partitions absorb internal sound vibrations and block external vibrations, reducing overall noise levels by up to 50%. Perfect for meeting spaces requiring confidentiality and collaborative areas needing controlled commotion.

Banded Glass Partitioning:

Introduce style to your workspace with industrial-framed glass partitions, a popular choice for a creative environment. The aluminum framework, available in various colors, intersects with the glass, adding personality to offices. Suited for media or marketing offices, these partitions reflect trendiness and creativity.

Switchable Glass Partitioning:

Smart glass partitions, with a switchable feature, offer the best of both worlds. They turn transparent or opaque based on your setting, providing natural light or privacy as needed. Heat-resistant, shatterproof, and with the added benefit of functioning as an HD projection screen when switched off, these partitions are perfect for multipurpose rooms.

Demountable Glass Partitioning:

Adaptability is key for growing businesses, and demountable glass partitions offer a versatile and cost-effective solution. Easily removed and reinstalled, these partitions maintain a clear appearance framed in aluminum. Ideal for rented offices and growing businesses looking to adjust their space.

Curved Glass Partitioning:

A show-stopping design, curved glass partitions add a premium touch to your office. Perfect for following the bend of a building feature or staircase, they create an impactful centerpiece, distinguishing your office space.

Glass partitions

Moveable Glass Walls:

Effortlessly transition between divided, private, and open spaces with moveable glass walls. These versatile walls also adjust room acoustics, making them suitable for educational environments, conference rooms, and larger spaces. Choose from folding or sliding options with low-profile tracks and various color options.

Doors and Manifestations:

Complete your glass office walls with our range of doors and manifestations. Choose from frameless, framed, or sliding glass doors to complement your preferred style. Manifestations, required for safety, can be customized with your company name or logo, adding a personalized touch.

Fire Rated Partitions:

Ensure safety with fire-rated partitions offering up to 120 minutes of protection. Acting as a barrier against smoke and restricting heat movement, these partitions are crucial for spaces requiring enhanced fire protection.

At plusglass, we offer a comprehensive range of glass partitions, doors, and manifestations to suit your unique office needs. Contact us for expert guidance on selecting the right solutions for your space.

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